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We have 30 years of experience in the industry as a leader in design, innovation and customer service. Our Laser curtains and Blackout curtains are installed in Colleges and  Universities coast to coast for a variety of applications such as, Laser, Infra-Red, Ultra-Violet, Measurement,Gene Separation, Silver Halide.

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Architectural Specifications (Available in Word Format)
Submittal Drawing Pages
Blackout Curtain & Track specifications
Laser Curtain & Track specifications
Installation Material Track & Curtains
Curtain Samples
Track Samples
Laser Guard (Inter-Lock) for Auto Laser Shut Off

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Recent Projects

Underwriters Laboratory Inc.

Harvard University

Yale Sterling Medical Building

Cal Tech Guggenheim-Firestone

Lehman College

University of Minnesota

University of Arizona

Rockefeller University

University of Utah

University of Colorado

University of Nebraska

University of Oklahoma

Rice University

Colgate College

Columbia University

Yale University School of Medicine

University of CA. San Diego

Trinity University Center for Science

CA. Polytechnic Center for Science

Trinity University Center for Science

Colorado State University Engineering

California Polytechnic Center for Science

Stanford University Fairchild Science Building